Big Brother Free Printable

What, what?!? It is only Tuesday and I am sharing a free printable. What is wrong with me? Lol. Well, this week is kind of special so I had to release it sooner. This week my husband and I are prepping to watch Big Brother – Celebrity. We love that dang show. We are probably addicts when it comes down to it. haha!

This week instead of Friday and I am offering them today since it starts Feb. 07th. So with that said, I do not take the responsibility for the logo or the show. I simply created these stickers to share with you guys if you want to keep up with the show like I do.

 To download:

Big Brother Free Printable Stickers


As always if you use these please share with us. I would love to see them in action [other than my own planner LOL]




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I am a mom of 4 who is married to my favorite country boy. :) He has supported me and my shop for so many years and when I decided I wanted to open my sticker/planner shop he was right there with me. Now, I have been making stickers for about 3 years now, but recently [September 2017] started my own website. Late August, we had our items on Etsy. You can still find our shop on Etsy for PRINTABLES only! All physical items can be found over on our website.

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