My Digital Planning Adventure

Good Morning, long time no chat, right? During this busy time for my shop I haven’t been on here to blog as often as I used to and with that I do apologize. However, in this time I have came across Digital Planning. Let me tell you that I absolutely love it. It’s became so much more convenient for me than paper planning since I am always on my iPad.

What is digital planning? It’s pretty simple. You simple plan on a digital planner on your phone, computer, or tablet. For me I use my iPad Pro.

Here is a sample of a digital planner and layout that I used this week. Like for real, can this get any cuter?


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Sticker Kit:

Now, that you have a glimpse of my life lately. I have a Facebook Group for digital planners. I hope you will join us there.

Facebook Group:

Stay tune for freebies for digital planners. ❤️

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