Boho Berry Digital Planner Review

Good Morning Y’all.

So, this week I took the opportunity to purchase the Boho Berry Digital Planner. On May 1st, Kara released A LOT of digital planners and they BOOMED. Totally rocked it and guess what they are still rocking. I wasn’t able to purchase on the day of, but I did purchase this week. Now, in her shop, she has dated and undated planners.

Right now, you can check them all out in her shop. [She sells some physical stickers too]

Boho Berry Paperie

For me, I decided on the un-dated digital planner for several reasons but one is I can reuse it from year to year. This is the one I purchased if you want it just click the link and it will take you directly to the link to the digital planner I purchased.

Undated Gray on Wood Desk Digital Planner

The stickers I purchased are linked below.

Monday Start Digital Weekly Inserts

Digital Timebar and Tracker Stickers

Now, that you have the idea of everything I purchased. Let me show you some of the pictures I have shared using the planner and stickers from Kara.

Oh, yeah! By the way. If you purchase within this month [MAY] you will also get the Berry Bubble font. This font is used on the actual planners so if you like things to be similar def take advantage of this.

I am using the planner for ‘work’ so obviously it has work related stuff in there Lol!

Now, let’s keep going. Also with this amazing digital planner purchase not only do you get the digital planner and the Berry Bubble font you also get a blank sticker book FREE! Like for real, this is the best deal EVER!

Now, let me show you a picture of the digital planner sticker book that I have already filled out.

I am using my sticker book for ‘work-related’ and Boho Berry Stickers only. It keeps me a little more organized this way.

Since I purchased the un-dated planner as well as her Monday start weekly layout inserts this allows me to get creative and to play. Therefore, I took a set from the insert layout pack and used it in my ‘personal’ digital planner. I loved the layout so much in my work planner I felt the need to move it over and use it in my personal planner also. You can view that picture below.

Literally, the layout is the best! I love it.

Now, my final words and thoughts on this planner and extra’s that either came with it or I purchased.

  • The digital planner is amazing. I love the flow, the color choice [have you seen those color choices?] and how functional it is for me.
  • The stickers – Well, I am using the timebars in my personal planner next week, so that is to come. I did use the project tracker in my work planner and it’s amazing. It helped me visually see what all I needed to work on and how much more I had to go.
  • The weekly inserts – I have only used 1 so far but its worked out great and I love how ‘simple’ and functional it is. [Not to mention it work’s in other planners also.


** Would I send other’s to purchase this digital planner and stickers?

Yes, I totally would. In fact, that’s what this blog is meant to do LOL! Share with you an amazing planner and accessories.

I am in no way, shape or form working with Kara. This is just a customer review that I felt like doing.

Join the amazing facebook group also for more inspiration.

Boho Berry Digital Planners


Free Paint Swatches for digital planning

Here’s another free digital planning goodie for you all. It’s 1 sheet in PNG format.

A friendly reminder, there maybe times where I forget to share here so it’s always best if you join my Facebook group.

Facebook Group:

Download Link:

This freebie is PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you know someone who would like it please direct them here and or to my Facebook group. This digital is not meant to be printed so please keep that in mind. This is for digital planners only.

Happy Planning.

Free week on 1 page for digital planning

Be ready to be bombed with freebie for your digital planners today lol.

A friendly reminder, there maybe times where I forget to share here so it’s always best if you join my Facebook group.

Facebook Group

This freebie is a week on 1 page and it’s in PNG format. Easy to load in your digital planners/notebooks.

Download link

This freebie is PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you know someone who would like it please direct them here and or to my Facebook group. This digital is not meant to be printed so please keep that in mind. This is for digital planners only.

Happy Planning.

My Digital Planning Adventure

Good Morning, long time no chat, right? During this busy time for my shop I haven’t been on here to blog as often as I used to and with that I do apologize. However, in this time I have came across Digital Planning. Let me tell you that I absolutely love it. It’s became so much more convenient for me than paper planning since I am always on my iPad.

What is digital planning? It’s pretty simple. You simple plan on a digital planner on your phone, computer, or tablet. For me I use my iPad Pro.

Here is a sample of a digital planner and layout that I used this week. Like for real, can this get any cuter?


– Use code CASSIE10 to save 10% on your digital planner today.


Sticker Kit:

Now, that you have a glimpse of my life lately. I have a Facebook Group for digital planners. I hope you will join us there.

Facebook Group:

Stay tune for freebies for digital planners. ❤️

Free Printable Friday

Good Morning,

It’s already MARCH! Like, for real. It seems like 2018 just started yesterday and here we are already almost a quarter through the year. WOW! Today, is FREEBIE Friday so that makes it even more amazing!

Today, we have a great planner printable for you all. These will work in just about ANY planner and or inserts. Take a look.

You get BOTH of these on the free printable this week.

Icons are from: Flaticon 

You can find those and many more different icons over there on that website. The website and designers are amazing to offer these to the public to use.

You get a PDF, JPG, and Studio3 cut file. Studio3 is for silhouette studio. As for, cricuit I do apologize but I am not sure if these will work on there. I don’t own one so I can’t answer that.

To download: Neutral Quarter Box Labels and Icons Printable

Please remember, these are for personal use only. If someone you know would like them please send them to the blog to download their self.

If you use these please share with me on Social Media. Facebook or Instagram. I would love to see how you use them.

Happy Planning!

Freebie Star Functional

Good Morning,

Sorry, I am a day late on posting, but it has been insanely crazy locally here this week.

This week, we have an adorable Star Functional kit for you guys. You can use it to match other kits or just as a kit on its own. It is super adorable.

I can not tell you how excited I am to use this adorable functional kit myself. It is sure to brighten up your day.

To download the kit please go here —> Free Star Functional Printable

As a friendly reminder, please do not share this with anyone. If someone else is interested in downloading it please direct them to my blog to download.

We have started posting our FREE printables on the website. You can NOT download from there, it is just another way for customers and fans of my work to find our free printables. There will be a download link there directly you to this blog.

If you use this please share with me, I would love to see how you use it.

Instagram–> CW Graphic Designs – Instagram

Facebook Vip Group –> CW Graphic Designs – VIP Facebook Group


As always, Happy Planning!

Freebie Friday, time.

Good Morning,

It’s Friday and that means it’s a freebie today, yay. I have been working on my doodling and lettering a lot lately and this week I am sharing a printable with you guys that I have been working on.

Isn’t that wreath just the cutest thing, ever? It can be used for anything. Stickers, die cuts, dashboard, etc. it can only be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Which means, you may create and use whatever you wish with it but please do not share, sell, alter or edit it in anyway. If someone wants this cutie please send them to the blog to download.

Spring Wreath Download

Just follow the link above to download.

If you use it please share with me on social media.


Happy Planning/Crafting!

Big Brother Free Printable

What, what?!? It is only Tuesday and I am sharing a free printable. What is wrong with me? Lol. Well, this week is kind of special so I had to release it sooner. This week my husband and I are prepping to watch Big Brother – Celebrity. We love that dang show. We are probably addicts when it comes down to it. haha!

This week instead of Friday and I am offering them today since it starts Feb. 07th. So with that said, I do not take the responsibility for the logo or the show. I simply created these stickers to share with you guys if you want to keep up with the show like I do.

 To download:

Big Brother Free Printable Stickers


As always if you use these please share with us. I would love to see them in action [other than my own planner LOL]




Freebie Triangle Functional Printable Sheet

It’s FRI-YAY! That means it is Freebie Friday. 🙂 This week we have another functional sheet for you all.

Look how adorable this printable is? How will you use it? Will you use it with another kit or alone? Show us on Instagram. You may download this printable below


Freebie Triangles Functional Printable


Please use this as Personal Use Only. Do not share with others. If someone wants this please send them to the blog to download.


Happy Planning!