Freebie Friday, time.

Good Morning,

It’s Friday and that means it’s a freebie today, yay. I have been working on my doodling and lettering a lot lately and this week I am sharing a printable with you guys that I have been working on.

Isn’t that wreath just the cutest thing, ever? It can be used for anything. Stickers, die cuts, dashboard, etc. it can only be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Which means, you may create and use whatever you wish with it but please do not share, sell, alter or edit it in anyway. If someone wants this cutie please send them to the blog to download.

Spring Wreath Download

Just follow the link above to download.

If you use it please share with me on social media.


Happy Planning/Crafting!

PR Team

Good Afternoon!


It has been a couple days and I wanted to apologize for that. My daughters have the flu [the baby also has strep] so things have been kind of crazy around here lately.


Now, with that said I did manage to go through the PR Applications and it took a while to decide on a team. We are pleased to have these ladies with us. If you want to follow their shops you can check out our IG post.


PR Team




Prints and Co Studio

Good Morning Lovelies!

If you follow my personal Instagram account you may have noticed that I have announced that I am now currently doing PR work for the amazing shop of Prints and Co Studio.

Cassie Wilson – Personal IG [I share planner hauls, planner spreads, sales, etc]

Prints and Co Studio – Etsy Shop

Prints and Co Studio – IG

Prints and Co Studio – FB Group

Now let me share you some of the goodies that she is offering in HER shop. I placed an order yesterday and I can not wait to get my order in.



Like, how friggin’ adorable are these darn stickers?!!? Those paint swatch stickers are amazing. They are by far, my favorites. Those jeff stickers too! Like who doesn’t love some adorable animal eating pizza.

You can order yours now by using my code CASSIE25 to save 25% on your order [NOT AVAILABLE DURING SALES]. Don’t forget to also mention MY name when checking out to get my ‘special’ sampler. <3


New New New.. Printable

Good Morning, Guys.

I wanted to come on here and share the news with you all. As you may have noticed at this point I love my pocket TN [travelers notebook]. However, sometimes it is hard to step away from the love that I share for my Erin Condren/Recollections Vertical stickers. I could never find the insert that I wanted. The one that was 1 full box on 2 pages. When I did find one, the listing never specified what sizes the boxes was. I don’t know about you, but if I have to hunt down an answer to something, “is it even worth it?”

So, with that said. Over the weekend, I sat down and designed an insert that I wanted. Undated, fits the Erin Condren/Recollections Full box stickers, a printable AND has a cute cover and back.

[I will be making more of these with different covers and when I do they also will be listed in the shop so always check back for those]

[At times, there may also be new inserts that I list. I will design as I need them and can’t find what I am looking for.]


Like, for real? Isn’t it just adorable and perfect for Springtime? I don’t know about you but after being snowed in for an entire week I am ready for Spring.

You can find this insert printed and put together on my Instagram feed.

CW Graphic Designs – Instagram

You can purchase this printable insert from my Etsy Shop.

Pocket Insert wo2p – CW Graphic Designs – Etsy Shop


If you use it, please share it. We would love to see it used. It would also help me know that people are using it and they need more to pick from 🙂

Happy Planning!

January 8th, Planner Layout

Hey you, there!

I wanted to share with you all my planner layouts this week. This week, I am using my Bumble Bee weekly kit in my pocket TN and in my Mini Recollections Vertical planner.

Above is a picture of my Mini Recollections Verticial Planner. I am using the Bumble Bee Recollections Weekly Kit that is available in my shop.

Recollections Mini Vertical Bumble Bee Kit

This week, I also decided to use the Bumble Bee TN kits [Both layouts, I wanted to mix and play] in my pocket TN planner.

Insert: Annie Plans Printables – Monthly/Weekly Printable

TN Kits: [Both fitted for a pocket TN]

Pocket TN Bumble Bee Kit

TN Bumble Bee Kit

Coupon Codes: CWGDVIP to save 10% on your order on my website.

CW Graphic Designs Website

If these are something you like seeing please by all means let me know and I will start posting more of these postings. If you would like to also see ‘mid week’ spread let me know also.

Planner Girl Exclusive Sale – Thank you

Now that the Planner Girl Exclusive Sale is over, I wanted to personally thank you for all the orders, likes, comments, etc. Without you guys, my little shop would not be possible. I can not thank you enough for being there for me. <3

At this point, orders are either done and shipped or being worked on. [We just done a mass shipping on Monday, this post is scheduled so I may get more before this gets published]

As always, for updates, please follow us on Instagram and or Facebook.


Facebook Group

First Quarter Shop Freebie

Now that the holiday’s are over, I will be bombing the next couple days here on the blog. I wanted to share with you guys what our shop freebie is this quarter. As some people may not have Facebook and or Instagram, you may not be in the loop. So, here below you will see the first quarter shop freebie. This is going out in ALL packages from January to the end of March!


How friggin’ adorable is this quarter freebie?? Like really? You can not get any more cuter than that. Hand drawn pandacorn and hedgehog is also included. Get a sampler so if you enjoy it you can order 🙂

Planner Girl Exclusive Sale

Hey y’all! As you know since January 4th, we have been participating in the Planner Girl Exclusive Sale. We have had tons of sales during it and we couldn’t be more grateful that you all have wanted to purchase from my little shop.

However, on the downside, the sale is ending tonight at 11:59pm EST so please make sure you get those orders in before then if you want to save some money!


You can save 55% off of orders $5+

Happy Shopping!

CW Graphic Designs Website